Texas born and bred, but wildly popular in East Hagbourne, is Youtube's amazing yoga teacher Adriene. With a great sense of humour and an invigorating blend of meditation and exercise, in her 500 + free videos on Youtube you will either find something to kick start your yogi journey or deepen your existing practice. 

Perfect for the lock down is her 30 day yoga challenge.

The Woods family described their journey:

'We were total beginners but found these 20 to 25 min daily practice sessions amazing. We love Adriene and felt the positive impacts after about day 6. We are on day 9 and are finding the challenge strangely compelling. Ideal for beginners, you can go at your pace, and do a session whenever you want, all for free. 7.4 million subscribers can’t be wrong!'

Check out her channel here:

And the 30 day challenge here: 


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